Friday, October 10, 2008

I think I'm paranoid...

... mainly because we've been talking about break-ins for a significant portion of the class. Anywho, this week our assignment is product re-assignment. Basically, we take incredibly weird objects (thanks Shane) and create a marketing ploy for strange people (another thank you to Shane). So this project is making my brain want to explode. But, nevertheless, I will try to do my best.

So far, I have made about 2 of the 6 assignments.
My first product was a bowl of soup. I chose to market this product to Sasquatch, hence, "Villager Soup".

My second version is still a work in progress. The item was a mummified spider monkey. I chose to market this towards Batman. "Why?" you ask? BECAUSE HE NEEDS A NEW SIDE KICK!!!!


Kayla Cline said...

Yeah I'd def make the spider monkey one night time, maybe you could try evenly burning it? I dunno, or laying a navy blue layer overtop of it al land turning down the opacity, I know that's kind of what they do to make it night time in films sometimes.

Gina Davis said...

yeah dude. im just not up to trying today hahaha. IM SO LAZY!!!