Friday, November 7, 2008


Well, since I didn't do this before, I am writing a statement on my business card. I pretty much found a font that I really liked. Sort of a retro fridge font, right? Well I know this might have been wrong, but I really wanted to base my entire design off of that font. Since I am in design class, I have been taught to keep things extremely simple and not too crazy. I wanted a very sleek design that spoke for itself. Using the fridge font for my information, I decided to use a 50s-esque color scheme. I made a simple design with light blue on the back for my information. As an after thought I added stars to the blue. Although they are a completely different shape and color, I think the stars work well to lead your eye to my information. On the back side, I wanted to keep with the retro theme. What better way to do this than put an old fridge in there? I got a picture of an old fridge with the same background color that I had used for my information. I cropped the fridge so that one corner and the wall are visible. I wanted to keep the color in there since I had used it before. Then (once again because I am in design) I just used a simple design element consisting of dotted lines that end in a dot. Hopefully, people will like the dotted lines. I am thinking about changing a few colors and maybe changing the design on the back. It will still be simple, of course, but I am sure there are plenty of ways that I could improve on it without completely ruining it.

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