Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just taking up some time, yo...

So basically I'm just sitting here in the Sleeze doing a whole lotta nothing. Just thought I should update my blog. I feel kinda bad, seeing as how I don't use it that often.
Anywho, I finished my paper craft project. I wish I could put it on here now, but the file is saved on one of the computers in the CrackLab- uh I mean MacLab......

My original design was going to be myself, but I just couldn't make the damn thing resemble me at all.
I was searching desperately for ideas and suddenly came along one. My main browser on the server at school has a Clockwork Orange theme. So I figured what better to do than a character from one of my favorite movies?!

Anyways, I finally decided to make my paper craft a mock of Alex from Clockwork Orange. Complete with blood spattered overalls. :D

Morbid? Yes.
Necessary? You bet!

I will post a picture at a later date in time....
Actually, probably tomorrow.

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